The RambleCast & Friends Yak Over the E3 Press Conferences On Twitch

Watch Live On My Twitch Channel

Myself and Chris Cesarano from the RambleCast along with various other friends of ours are going to be live commentating over all of the E3 press conferences! This is something we’ve wanted to try for a while and technology and schedules finally permit it. You’ll be able to watch re-streams of all the shows over on my Twitch channel, where we’ll also be on Skype giving our off the cuff impressions, opinions and probably more than a bit of snark over what’s revealed. There will be various guests on each of the streams but we’ll also be interacting with you guys in the chat. We are super stoked to try this out as E3 is always a special time of year for us and we hope you can come hang out as we all geekgasm over the new game announcements.

We’ll be covering all the shows including Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Square Enix and maybe even the new PC Gaming Show. I’m hoping to also record the streams to be able to put them on my YouTube channel afterward but I’m not 100% sure if that’s logistically possible. It’s definitely best to be there live if you can. Here’s a full list of all the press conferences and when they’re happening:

Sunday, June 14th
Bethesda Softworks – 7pm PDT/10pm EST

Monday, June 15th
Microsoft – 9:30am PDT/12:30pm EST
Electronic Arts – 1:00pm PDT/3:00pm EST
Ubisoft – 2:45pm PDT/5:45pm EST
Sony – 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EST

Tuesday, June 16th
Nintendo Direct – 9:00am PDT/12pm EST
Square Enix – 10am PDT/1pm EST
PC Gaming Show – 5:00pm PDT/8pm EST

The streams will probably go live a half hour or so before the shows so we can do sound check and also make some predictions so feel free to show up a bit before go time if you want. For up to the minute details and updates including announcements of when we go live, make sure to follow me on Twitter too. I hope you all can join us for our favourite time of the gaming year! See you Sunday night!

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